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Ninja sensei desu !!

  • Native Japanese speaker
  • Qualified Japanese teacher
  • Years of experiences in teaching at a Japanese language school in Tokyo
  • 62k followers on Instagram
  • 27k subscribers on YouTube
  • I speak English (TOEIC score 260→780)
  • As a teacher, I don’t just aim to make language easy to understand, but also to help students enjoy learning and develop a love for it. My motto is to learn while having fun and communicating effectively. So, I always strive to create fun and easy lessons that bring a smile to your face and make learning enjoyable. Ninnin !
【🧑‍🏫】How should I start with the first lesson?
The video lessons are broken down into different sections. Once you have watched a section 2-5 times, you will be able to create your own sentences. After understanding the content of a section, you can schedule a lesson with Ninja sensei to practice using the grammar and vocabulary in natural conversations. During our practice, it’s absolutely okay to make mistakes since it’s the most effective way to learn. We will continue to practice until you feel comfortable. Based on our conversation, if you need more practice, you can review the previous section. Once you feel confident, you can move on to the next section.
【📝】How will the lesson plan be scheduled for each lesson for the topics for the lessons?
The lesson plan for each lesson will be based on the student’s level and goals. We will discuss and agree on the lesson plan at the beginning of each lesson.
【💬】In the 1 hour, will it be focused speaking/listening while going through the lesson presentation?
During the 1-hour lesson, we will first review the grammar using the lesson presentation and practice creating your own Japanese sentences. After that, Ninja sensei will guide you through a conversation practice using those sentences in natural conversation to improve your speaking and listening skills.
【🗓️】Regarding the speaking lesson, does the lesson have to be scheduled weekly or is it flexible? 
The Skype lesson is flexible and doesn’t have to be booked weekly. You can schedule lessons based on your availability and needs. However, please note that the 12 lessons must be used within 4 months and there will be no refunds for unused lessons. 
【🏫】If I want to ask you some questions about some grammar point or anything related to the Japanese course, where do I need to ask? Skype?
If you have any questions about grammar or anything related to the Japanese course, you can reach me through Skype. If the question is simple and easy to answer, I can reply on Skype. If it requires a more detailed explanation, we can discuss it during our online lesson.
【📖】How should I use the materials for a more effective study along with the Skype lessons?
You can use  the materials by practicing regularly and reviewing previous lessons. All of the materials were created by Ninja sensei. During the lessons, Ninja sensei will explain when and how to use each material, so you can effectively use them and boost your vocabulary. 
【📥】Will I receive the materials via email / or Google Drive?
The video lessons and PDF materials can be accessed on the UDEMY platform. Once your payment is confirmed,  Ninja sensei will send you a special access coupon to the lesson videos. The video lessons can be accessed at any time and there is no expiration date.
【🏋️‍♀️】Is there a homework?
Yes, I will assign homework, but it will not be about solving test questions or memorizing words. Instead, it will be a great homework that will help improve your writing skills, vocabulary and speaking ability. I can’t reveal it now, but I’ll tell you in the first lesson!
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If you have any questions, please reach out to us via direct message (DM) on my Instagram account, 【@ninjapanese】

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